Bluenio provides a range of well-designed, innovative
apps and unique accessories for smartphones and tablets.

nio Tag


nio Tag is a unique Bluetooth accessory. It works with a range of innovative applications that find and protect what matters most to you.

Simply attached nio Tag onto any item you wish to keep with you, or carry a nio Tag with you so your don’t lose your smartphone or tablet.

With a unique design and over 3-months of continuous use between charges, nio Tag is the gold standard in loss prevention for what matters most to you.

  • nio Chain
  • nio Locate
  • nio Alert
  • nio Tracking
  • nio Reminders
  • nio AppLock
  • nio Safe
  • nio Guard
  • nio SoftTag


Launch Pad is a simple and easy way for you to access the whole family of nio apps from Bluenio.

Each app builds on the usefulness of your nio Tag and lets you use it in different ways.

Launch Pads sleek design lets you to learn about new apps and download them with just one click, and its intuitive navigation allows you to switch between apps with ease.

Simply download the nio app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and Launch Pad will greet you when the app opens.



nio uses Bluetooth accessories that connect to your smartphone or tablet and work with a family of innovative apps that find and protect what matter most to you.

nio can also be used to enhance or control key functions on your smartphone or tablet and give you feedback on what’s happing around you.

Current accessories include the nio Tag, the up-coming nio Card, and the nio iPad Protection system (niPS).

Current apps include nio Chain (loss prevention), nio Safe (data protection) and nio Guard (theft deterrent).

What is nio?